About the client:

A CBSE school spread across 10 acres in Kollur, Samashti International School, was 3 years old with a strength of 250 students in January 2016.


Despite being a dream CBSE school equipped with all the possible amenities one could think of, admissions were a major challenge for the school. The biggest reason behind this was the distance from the city.

Discovering a great school in the outskirts of the city of Hyderabad is not feasible for many and when parents step out to look for schools, chances are few that they would go so far away. Thus, it was important that they made their presence evident by using marketing platforms. Inviting parents to the campus among the biggest requirements of the hour.

Another huge challenge was targeting the right crowd: IT professionals. The school wanted to focus mainly on IT professionals, due to the school’s proximity to MNCs.


We used the two most powerful online platforms to launch our campaigns, Facebook and Google, driven towards school admissions, specifically targeting IT professionals.


Within 6 months, we saw sharp increase in the number of admissions: 100% more than the previous academic year. Also, out of all the converted leads generated through our campaigns, 80% were IT professionals.

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