About the client:

The Address Makers is a real estate firm in Bengaluru, professionally managed by the Piramal Group. They have four active projects: The Lake View Address (villas), The Five Summits Address (apartments), The Gran Carmen Address (villas), and The Central Regency Address (villas).


The Bengaluru real estate market is extremely competitive and it is hard to penetrate through this market, especially for a new player. The Address Makers sells high-end apartments and villas which can be hard to sell due to their premium pricing.

To add to this, demonetization created a wave of doubts among buyers, discouraging them to make any purchases or investments in real estate.

Thus, despite offering state-of-the-art amenities and premium homes, sales were hard to come by.


We used the simplest and the most effective solution: email marketing. We came up with influential emails to help our target audience make the right choice even during demonetization. We also actively posted on social media and ran ads on Google targeting the right audience.

  1. 80% of The Gran Carmen Address villas have been sold
  2. 80% of the apartments in The Five Summits Address have been sold
  3. 50% of The Lake View Address villas have been sold
  4. 20% of The Central Regency Address, which has just been launched, has been sold.

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